The Experience

experienciamision vision VISIONTo be the company of choice for travelers wishing to enjoy the most amazing and unique dining and eno experiences in the most desirable wine regions on the planet at the highest level imaginableso that these experiences may remain fresh in the memory of the participants thereby creating an insatiable desire to repeat it. MISSION To provide a “first class” travel experience to the most important and desired wine regions of the world while visiting their prestigious vineyards and wineries, tasting delicious regional food, staying in glamorous hotels, and admiring the natural and artistic beauties that these localities offer. All this under the concept of all-inclusive and personalized service with "no surprises".


The experience

Since 2001, Chateau Travel Services has been organizing eno gastronomic experiences to the most important wine regions globally. First going to France (in 2001), then adding the north of Spain (in 2009), the Terroirs of Chile and Mendoza Premium - Argentina (in 2010), Tuscany, Italy (in 2012) and most recently Napa Valley, California, USA (in 2015). The experience is a trip that combines wine, gastronomy and tourism at the highest level within an all-inclusive and “no surprises” concept! In short, it is eno-tourism at its best, combined with the most excellent local cuisine, the most glamorous accommodation, the most prestigious vineyards and the finest tourism ... and all this in a small group setting of no more than six or seven couples who will receive personalized attention from the owners and founders of the company.

How did we begin?

comoMayra and Sergio Esteva, both chemical engineers, retired early from their lifelong work in the Venezuelan Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry in 2000. Their devotion to wine and passion for travel combined with a unique sense for offering exceptional customerservice, led them to open their dream project of Chateau Travel Services. To start on a high note, they selected the country with the most prestigious wines and the finest cuisine of the world: France. After some exploratory trips to the most important wine regions of the country, personally visiting the most prestigious and charming wineries, discovering delectable local cuisine, and staying at the glamorous hotels on the vineyards route, they confirmed the touristic treasures of the regions and selected the most comfortable transportation providers. Their goal: designing formidable eno-gastronomic experiences, which they have done, time and time again.

How have we grown?


Over 44 eno-gastronomic experiences with small groups, now attended by over 300 lovely people who have enjoyed these unique experiences. Most of their guests have made more than one trip and several have already gone to all of them! Since 2011, they have begun to enter the market of corporate travel which, of course, caters to larger groups of people. However, they have continued to apply the same philosophy of personal attention and excessive attention to detail, as if it were a trip for only a few guests. The results have been equally successful! A total of 120 people have enjoyed these corporate travel experiences.

What time of year is best to travel?

epocaThere are only two key seasons: Spring, where nature adorns the landscapes with flowers and Autumn, where the colors of grape leaves paint existential pictures at Harvest time ... please do not even think about planning a trip during Summer or Winter!!!

Who is the target audience?

aquePeople who value discovering new horizons, who accept the phrase "let me think for you" allegorically speaking of course. To be more precise, it is more like "let me take your hand and take you to magical places where you most likely will not come on your own" People who value luxury without excess, who enjoy simple things with an undeniable touch of quality and exclusivity, who desire personal attention, yet need privacy. In short, these experiences are for gourmet loving people who want to participate in meaningful conversations over a gourmet meal, who are bold enough to take a balloon ride and toast with champagne flying over the clouds, or take a ride on a river barge surrounded by dramatic silence.

How many people usually travel?

cuantasIn order to provide that personal touch that characterizes Chateau Travel Services, the maximum number of guests per visit is normally limited to six or seven couples. This is a number that enables ideal group integration within just a few hours of starting the experience! The group practically "lives together" for the span of 7-10 days; integration therefore is wonderfully inevitable.

What do will I do during the experience?

haceYou will visit the most prestigious vineyards in each area, offering wine tasting directly from the owners or "winemakers." Meals are provided in their private dining facilities giving you insight into how these great wines "harmonize" with local cuisine. Some of the dining experiences will take you to the best restaurants in the region, many of them awarded the coveted Michelin stars, while delicacies and other local specialties will be savored in small taverns that your hosts have discovered over time. You will also partake in guided "City tours" of the cities and historical towns that are on the road and will have enough free time to explore and discover the beauties of the places visited on your own.

How do we prepare each trip?

preparaEach experience is prepared with great affection and pleasure. Significant time is invested in planning these trips so that everything is defined, prepared ahead of time, from the menus and wines, to the rooms assigned to each couple. The task is a huge logistics puzzle, but it is well worth it to see our client’s happiness. Once the first activity begins, everything else occurs with the precision of a Swiss watch, without time constraints or troubleshooting on your part. As our guest, you will have a truly worry-free, "all inclusive" experience.