An Eno Gastronomic walk through the Napa Valley


Join us to live a food and wine experience in the most important wine region of the United States: Napa Valley!

It will be a wonderful walk visiting some of the most beautiful and distinguished wineries of the Valley, tasting their wonderful wines, and savoring the exquisite California cuisine in the private dining rooms of the wineries and in fine restaurants of the area. You will be delighted not only by the quality of these wines but also by the idyllic landscapes of this prominent region.

Today, California is the fourth largest producer of wines in the world after France, Italy and Spain, respectively. The State of California makes up nearly 90% of the wine produced in the United States but only 4% of that is produced in the nearly 450 wineries of Napa Valley. The most admired and internationally recognized American wines come from this small valley spread out over only 18,000 hectares, which has been blessed with an extraordinary terroir. When we factor in the important technological advances made in the last 40 years and the huge amount of capital invested... Read more

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