Knowledge, happiness, good value, culture, fun, reliability... to name a few of the qualities that characterizes our friends at Chateau Travel.
    Cote de Rhone-Beaujolais-Bourgogne-Champagne 2005
    Roberto Vainrub PhD - Professor IESA

    CHATEAU TRAVEL SERVICES (Sergio & Mayra) has been the most beautiful and exciting discovery a person can make and will enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

    Bordeaux / Chile / Tuscany
    By Dr. Henry BRIK
    Hello Mayra and Sergio. So nice to hear from you!!!

    More than a testimony is the story of my birthday. I remember I had no idea what I would be doing that day, and while my husband and I were in the car, I heard an interview with Sergio on the radio. I immediately knew what I wanted to do for my birthday. We contacted them [Chateau Travel] right away and what happened thereafter was an experience I will never forget.

    We celebrated my birthday with dinner at B&G, how special was that! Also my husband’s birthday happens to be 4 days after, so we celebrated that at Mansion Calvet. Imagine that! But more than just the sites, what really made everything wonderful was the company we were surrounded with and Chateau Travel’s attention to detail.

    I will never forget Sergio even giving me bubble wrap, to wrap our precious souvenir wines, and Mayra’s sweetness, giving us all her undivided attention. The sights, restaurants, châteaux, our peers, the wines, and even our bus (which btw had a bar table inside) were truly special.

    Thank you for those very happy days that made my 40th birthday truly unforgettable!!!!

    Marisol and Gonzalo Rodriguez
    We are sure that a dream trip like walking the premium wine regions of France, Bordeaux, Borgogne and the Champagne region is on the wish list of many, although they are likely very ambitious and difficult to fulfill. We were fortunate to experience guided by the expertise of Mayra and Esteva at Sergio Chateau Travel. It was a wonderful sensory experience where the only concern was that the trip would end too soon. The food and wine, culture and learning, continuous logistics everything was five stars. And something that is priceless is the strong bond of friendship created with Mayra and Sergio.

    PS: The only risk is to traveling with Mayra and Sergio is that it can become addictive.

    Bordeaux - Bourgogne - Champagne 2002
    Dr. Marleny and Adolfo Uribe
    Chateau Travel is traveling at its best!!

    My husband and I taken three eno-gastronomic tours prepared by Chateau Travel, and we can say they are the best.

    Mayra and Sergio have led us to the best hotels, the best restaurants and the most exclusive wineries throughout the world’s most important wine regions. They really make sure that everything is perfect, from the menu to each guests complete comfort.
    In the cellars, we had the privilege of meeting the owners and many of them honored us with their presence and dined with us.

    In restaurants, most with more than one Michelin star, we were given a tour of the kitchen and are able to meet some of the world’s most famous chefs in the world, and all this without having to lift a finger!

    The groups are always small, so you really get to know the other couples and create friendships that last for years.

    And dealing with Mayra and Sergio ...is simply spectacular! They take care of all the necessary details before, during and after the trip.

    The memories of our trips with them are the best, we have done three, and we want to do more!

    Simply highly recommended!

    Bourgogne - Champagne / Spain 2013 / Toscana 2012
    By Yolanda & Alvaro Burgos
    Chateau Travel ..... whenever I read about or hear those two words, I am reminded of great moments, beautiful scenery, wonderful people and of course the best food and wine sensory experience imaginable. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy Chateau Travel’s charm five times: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany and northern Spain, the latter on 2 occasions. It's a real challenge to summarize our unique experience on each of these trips, so as not to abuse your precious time and to get to the purpose of my letter, I can split these experiences into 3 main sections: organization and logistics, travel companions, and the eno-gastronomical experience.

    Organization and logistics: Mayra and Sergio were wonderful hosts on each of these adventures. Being organized and orderly without being rigid, warmth and friendliness, are some of their main attributes. The whole trip is organized with astonishing fluidity, where they take care of the smallest details, from luggage tags to organizing a magical hot-air balloon experience over the landscapes of La Rioja and Cava. It felt like our balloon baskets rested on a carpet of clouds amid a crisp, clear blue sky. That really was one of the best feelings we have ever experienced in our lives! The city tours featuring with highly qualified guides, helping us understand the history and monuments of each of the cities we visited. As for the hotels, we can only say that all accommodations are first class, both in infrastructure and in staff. Mayra and Sergio have established ties of true friendship in most hotels we visited, allowing us to enjoy five-star attention wherever we arrived. In particular, we have always said that both attention and luxury goes "in crescendo" along each route. Their choice of ground transportation deserves to be mentioned as well. All buses were fully equipped and brought us to each and every one of our destinations, without delays. We were chauffeured by educated and responsible drivers, allowing us to enjoy our meals and wine-tastings without worrying about driving. Mayra and Sergio are wizards at making everything possible for their guests to enjoy these fantastic experiences to their fullest!

    Travel companions: We began each of our trips accompanied by complete strangers, who day by day became closer and closer. By the end of tour, you feel like you have known them for years! We have made friends with our travel companions and apart from other Chateau Travel trips, we have shared birthdays, weddings, lunches, dinners, and many other occasions.

    The eno-gastronomical experience...and here it gets difficult to describe and summarize our experience. We can only tell you that if you are a wine lover, with or without experience on the subject, these trips will give you endless opportunities to gain invaluable information on the process of making this beverage from the gods. You will learn about the soil known as "terroir", the various forms of pruning used in the vineyards, the emerging green shoots of grapes, recognizing when the bunches are ripe and with any luck witness the harvest, if it coincides with your travel date. You will also enjoy and learn about the whole process from pressing the grapes to what finally becomes of this you delicious drink. You will visit different Farmhouses, Tenutas or Wineries, often accompanied by a rich typical tasting of each region, or have exquisitely prepared lunch or dinner in quiet rooms. For many of these delectable meals, you can count on the company of the owner or winemaker in charge of the facility. The selection of these wonderful places is the previous work and dedication that our hosts made in preparation of each of these experiences. All these experiences will definitely multiply your love for wine. The second part of this section is the food, the gastronomic experience. Of the myriad of culinary experiences that we had in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany, without a doubt the best of the best is in Northern Spain, especially in the Basque Country in San Sebastian!!! For us, the flavors sampled in each of its restaurants with and without Michelin stars were simply divine delicacies, mixtures of flavors, colors and textures that produce an indescribable pleasure!!

    We have nothing else to say than to invite you to participate in any of the wonderful tours
    that have been prepared and are being prepared by our dear Mayra and Sergio!
    Much continued success


    Bordeaux / Imperial Route / Tuscany / Spain (twice)
    Monica and Antonio Orlando
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